Mar. 15th, 2017 09:11 am
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This morning I went for a walk with my dog Queeny.
And we had this strange encounter.

It´s a little boar, he was found four weeks ago by a road and a woman found it and took him home. In the next two or three weeks he will leave to go to a farm and live hopefully a happy long piggy life.

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Today I was with the kids at the movies we saw "Monster Truck" (please don´t judge they are 10 and 11).

But that was when I first saw Jared´s younger doppelganger Lukas Till looks like a younger version of Jared!

The movie was like "Sam and the tentakel monster" for me!
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Last week I found an old game "Sherlock Holmes" that belonged to a friend of my that moved away. And I thought "Hm, I put it in a parcel and maybe she will be happy to have it back and maybe we´ll have a little bit more contact in the future."

So I sent it to hear with a nice card, explaining everything and asking if we could meet again sometime (her parents still live here so she is sometimes around). Today I got her letter and well she said thank you for the game but also told me the past is in the past not to bother her anymore with christmas cards and unwanted news about my life.

That really hurts somehow. We were close some time ago, we never had a fight and now she just told me go away.
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That is me working hard to finish "War Prince".


Jul. 23rd, 2016 06:51 pm
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I'm on vacation guess where:


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