BB 2015

Jul. 22nd, 2015 03:30 pm
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The BB 2015 is finished and online!

And what do I do now? It´s still some time till October...
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I just mailed my first draft for this year BB!

So far it´s 32.291 words and now I just have to finish the "rest" of the story.

I know the draft works as a story but there are some things I still like to tell and now I have time to figure them out.

And maybe just maybe the J3 can have some fun together.

BB trouble

Apr. 23rd, 2015 06:23 pm
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More than 30.000 words and all Jensen managed was to give Jared one kiss. My story sucks! I'm stuck and I still don't know is it J2 or J3!
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I hope someone can help me for my BB I need a little info and just a little reallity check.

How do you become a doctor in the USA? Where do you study? For how long? And when is the first time they let you meet patients?

And/or how do you become a paramedic?

What´s the diffrence between a clinic and a hospital and a med centre?

Any help is welcome and since the BB will be AU (and bent to my will) I still would prefer if there is some reallity in it.
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Oh god my BB drives me cracy!

Nothing works!

Nothing sounds right! I hate it!
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Okay so I did it again!

I signed up for a nother BB!

I don´t know how many people read this but I need your help to decide wich story should be my BB.

#1: Jensen has it all he is rich, young, good looking and succesful. One thing he isn´t is faithful. Jared´s life so far has always been a struggle now his boy friend introduce him to Jensen and asked him to be nice to this important customer.
I picture a story that starts out on a great unbalanced. They will come together, they will break up and meeting again after a long time the balance will have shift.

#2: Were wolf AU: Once a human is knotted by an alpha, the human turns into an omega. What happens if the human doesn´t change? What happens when you become suddenly the (human) father to were twins? Can you forgive? Do you want to forgive?
There are so many stories about becomming an omega and it is always comfortable for the alphas but my thought was what happens when the plan doesen´t work that way. Maybe it´s not the human who has to change.

I´ll run the poll till Saturday, because BB closes on Sunday and than I´ll start to write (hahaha).

[Poll #1996823]
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.... okay so this is nothing new to you but for me. :-)

I´m about to finish my RevBB and now the sign up for the BB2015 has started.

I still don´t know if I should participade are the stories I´m working on long (and good) enought for a BB?

Hopefully I see clearer when I´m finished with my RevBB.
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Okay I did something strange/crazy I posted at AO3!

I posted my BB as RPF so instead of Sam there is Jared and instead of Dean there is Jensen; well you get the idea.

Here is the link:

Summery: 19 year old Jared, son of Gavin, Leader of the Forest People, leads a happy, gentle life steeped in the easy, traditional footsteps and values of their ancient culture. As a highly skilled hunter, Jared delights in providing for his friends and family and looks forward to a fairly carefree life spent among his beloved First Trees, family and 'playful' friends and perhaps leading his people some day.
Those plans seem right on track until one day when prying emerald eyes spy the beautiful young hunter 'playing' in a forest meadow with some friends and decide this 'young savage' of the Forest should be his.
Moved into a new world... one filled with debauchery, pain, treachery and greed. Can the gentle, loving, young man survive such horrors and still maintain his family's deep-seated values? Can such an uncaring world and its jaded ruler be changed for the better?



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