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Fic title: Expectations and Decisions
Genre: RPF
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 2000-3000
Warnings: suicied, turning alpha into omega
Okay you know how people always judge a book by its cover?
I'd love a written fic where not just random people assumed, but your own friends and family do too. They think maybe you'be be happy as an Omega with an Alpha to take care of you.

Jensen coming home from College after 4yrs and his parents decide this for him. Because he still has not mated with a beta or omega. His parents try setting him up on these blind dates with other alphas and he's not aware just believes what his dad says they're business associates of his when invited to dinner.

(Hilarity moment)Every time one of them makes a move; Jensen gives them one warning and when they don't listen, he kicks their ass. By the third date Jensen gets a clue and confronts his parents about it and tells them to knock it off.

Truth is he does have someone in mind, but it’s impossible, because the person he has fallen in love with is his neighbour and best friend Jared. But Jared is an Alpha too and he would never hurt Jared that way. When Jared finds out what Jensen parents were trying to do, he request a try and is ecstatic thinking he can definitely win Jensen over and turn him. This time Jensen parents come clean and tell him about Jared's request.

This hurts Jensen feelings a bit because he can’t believe Jared believes the same thing he's been dealing with strangers his whole life; having to prove otherwise. He gets an idea and says yes he's requesting an archaic traditional claiming match. The winner gets to claim the alpha as his omega. Jensen parents are confused but agree. They decide to have it at their home back yard as they do own couple of acres, invite immediate family members and only really close friends

Jared is confused of the preparations and upcoming fight, yhinking its just for show or something, he does not take it seriously because he thinks he might hurt Jensen. Jared quickly changes his mind when Jensen comes at him hard and fast.

Jensen loves it when Jared gets a clue this is serious and start really fighting back. But he can’t get the upper hand. During it all Jensen lectures Jared like "rule #1 Jared always know you opponent strengths and weakness rule #2 Don't lose your focus and give into emotions and last and least rule #3Never ever judge a book by its cover- it just might surprise you and bite you in the ass." During the lecture Jensen keeps landing blows, swinging Jared around, slamming him on the ground, Jared is tired and panting and the clearing is quiet.

Jensen asked calmly does he yield and bare his neck? Jared can’t, he gives one last attempt, Jensen catches it and holds him against his chest in a tight lock and whispers in Jared's ear "wrong answer kid" bites hard to claim and start the chemical change in Jared. He could easily publicly claim and knot him by right of way of the fight. Jensen ever the gentleman andhonorable alpha, picks Jared up easily and takes him to the back guest house on his parent property. He looks at his two other best friends Chris and Steve and nods at them "clear it why I did this" (this line doesn’t make sense here)

Chris and Steve speak, "Ya'll look surprised! This is why Jensen requested this gathering and little show to give ya'll a taste of how appearances can be deceiving. So don't judge. If you all knew Jensen as well as you think;then ya'll should have remember his qualities speak of a true high Alpha Leadership"

Steve goes on to explain better, "If you remember Jensen was called into the high council when he was 16 then appear again at 18 had a 1 on 1 meeting with the High alpha of this community. What you did not know, was after that meeting it was decided that Jensen would be the New High Alpha after Our leader decides to retire. He was selected because he possessed the talent of what a true Alpha should. It’s never been about how strong or big an Alpha is to make one a leader. It’s about Skill, mindset, control, and focus. A True Alpha is meant to protect and take care of its pack." Steve looks at everyone waiting for the Penny to drop. Jensen’s parents eyes widen, they realize they made a mistake. All these qualities their son has had since birth and instead as seeing them as a strength they had seen them as weakness.

Jensen knots Jared and turns him into an Omega. Jared is hurt, humiliated at first but realizes he loves Jensen more than anything and he would not want it any other way.


Okay this is not what you wanted but this is what I got after the inspiration hit me.
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