Fic: Bound

Jun. 16th, 2017 04:04 pm
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Fic title: Bound
Author name:[personal profile] junkerin
Artist name: [personal profile] emmatheslayer
Genre: rps
Pairing: Jensen/Jared, Jensen/Misha (meantioned), Jensen/Lehne (non-con)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 35.809
Warnings: Non-Con, Slavery
Thank yous:[personal profile] herminekurotowa + [personal profile] dont_hate_me01 for cheerleading and alpha reading and telling me "Yes that makes sense"

[personal profile] geri and walking tornado for their fantastic Beta work. And Yes my english needs two betas to make it readable!
Last but not least I had the honor again to work with [personal profile] emmatheslayer again. Check out her wonderful art for this story. It was again a pleasure working with you!

Summary: Thanks to nanobots humanity got finally rid of all diseases. Or so they thought. That was when "Omega" the last disesas hits. It leaves the patient paralyzed while conscious.

Catlin Padalecki finds a treatment in form of bonds or tapes that enables the "omegas" to move again. But her invention gets missused and sents the omegas into slavery.

25 years later Jensen Ackles is a freed omega who works with the resistance. He wants to presure Catlin into helping them. But he only finds her son Jared and Jared is to not willing to help even after Jensen makes him an omega too.

Can the two stubborn men overcome their differences? Will they be able to overcome hate and prejudice in order to free the omegas and to set right what once went wrong?

Link to fic:
Link to art:
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